My baby and i are sick.

We both have ear infections. boo. Its not very fun.  

Especially because we have to miss out on some important things that need to be done. 

Wow my ears hurt! I can't imagine what my baby girl has been feeling too!

I'm so glad we went to the doctor and caught it early, I followed those "mommy intuition" feelings and SO GRATEFUL I didn't back down.

I don't understand why the nurses I seem to always get on the phone try to talk me out of not coming in to see the doctor.  Its a little frustrating.

Making an appointment for the doctor seems to be trying also because they always seem to fill up at the most needed times. Not to mention being able to recognize a need for a visit within office hours.  It can be such an ordeal.

I am glad that I went even though others didn't think it was a big deal, because it turned out to be the catchings of something that could have turned into somethings worse.

Even though our ears are hurting I'm so grateful for modern medicine and that we can find solutions to some of our little problems through doctors.

Hey mommas out there!  Listen to those mommy feelings k?

p.s. photo  taken in our old idaho apt.

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  1. Actually everyone's sick in UT well at least in the house that we're staying in. ugh.