Brooklyn's Preschool Graduation

Our little graduate! Putting on her shy smile. She told me to use more smiley pictures but I had to tell her that she didn't make too many really big smiles in her performances (they sang all their learned songs in review), and in asking her why, "I didn't know there would be so many people there." Sweet sweet girl.

Sissy Love!!! Jane can always make her smile! She often frequented her sister's preschool and loved every minute of it. She was such a great sport about not "going to school yet". Even though every time we walked by the "Two-year old's potty training room," B would remind me and announce to Jane that, "THAT would be Jane's classroom." With mommy calmly reminding them that I didn't want someone else to potty train my babies or be with them all day, that I wanted to do those things! They seemed to like that answer, but always had to have me say it for a good measure and for a while there as we walked by it twice a day... actually four times...;)

Also the teacher picture is of B showing us what she wants to be when she grows up, "A teacher, because then I will be in charge." Also she states this fact as her other equal desire and goal to be a mommy, "Because then I will be in charge." The other day she actually asked me, "Mommy, how many more days until I am in charge? Like 100? 300? Like when I'm in college?" Oh me oh my sweet baby girl! You were the right child to come first! 

My baby! It was like seeing the future for her high school and college graduations... it really made us think. So many great days behind us, and so many more just ahead...

Her biggest fans on the fourth row (there were only four rows - we were actually quite early but silly mommy forgot that this is a formal event and did not put B in a dress, B noticed this quickly and by golly we bought that girl a dress and made it back in time - seriously a record of 22 min *Thank you Target for having the perfect pink dress* - thus the back row, to her daddy's dismay, but he was able to stand up for great pics and videos). 

Plus the ONLY family picture we took! Oh well can't get them all... (to look at the camera and smile....:) )

Mommy's proud new family tradition that daddy made possible. 
(Here's that Target pink dress I mentioned earlier. I tried to modify her 1st day of school's outfit to fit her but it just wasn't working! She's grown so much!)

We had such a great year with lots of learning and discovering of new skills and talents. Making many many new friends for Brooklyn, Janers, and mommy! 

We are now SUPER excited to NOT be driving to school every day! Yay!

(Our first "real" summer break! Growing up way too fast...)


Sophia the First and Clover

Our pretty little princess - Sophia the First! We were lucky enough to have hubby's work party that morning with a professional face painter to make our little girl's face painting dreams come true!

I made a video but cannot convert it yet?? Husband will help and we'll get it updated soon...


Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

Getting ready to be whisked away to the Trunk-or-Treat by my Burt, Katerina Kitty Cat, and Sophia the First!

Photo taken by the amazing Alecia Sensor
"I know, let's be Mary Poppins and Burt!" So says husband on the Monday before our Saturday Halloween party... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

MaryPoppinsHalloween from Cassie Walters on Vimeo.

Mary Poppins Interview with Burt from Cassie Walters on Vimeo.


Why hasn't Cassie updated her blog...?

Mothers' Day seemed like an appropriate time to make an appearance again... ;)


Let the Memories Begin!

Disney's done it again! They have come up with one of the most 'memorable' campaign yet!  Digital age here we are!  So...what is it?  

Well they are going to project actual Disney Park guest memories through pictures, and videos that anyone can upload to their site, on both the Disneyland's iconic It's a Small World ride, and Walt Disney World's Cinderella's Castle! (I was close with my last post! Cinderella's castle at night!) 
Grab some tissues that darn Disney music gets me every time...and I live here!

Start uploading your Disney memories at disneyparks.com now!

Oh and the announcement had some other info that I thought this site spelled out pretty well here, just scroll down to the end for Disney’s new 2011 campaign: Let the Memories Begin, excitement!

Disney's making a pretty big announcement TODAY... I can't wait to hear what it is!

(Photo taken by yours truly while watching Wishes with 600 other people-I just love the camera screens in this shot. Classic.)
According to a tip from my sources...;) ;) you can see that Disney's official Disney Parks Blog, posted that a rather large announcement will be made today in NYC around noon EST TODAY!!

Can't wait to hear what it is! Seriously don't know! 


My INCREDIBLE Cousin Sarah Jane also recently on TV!

Sarah Jane Wright of Sarah Jane Studios is my dear cousin, and is an amazing Stay-at-Home Mom who is living her creative dreams one day at a time. With creating her own line of style "illustrating childhood", illustrating for celebrities, and now coming out with her very own Christmas book soon, I have many reasons to have looked up to her - like she was my older sister, as I am the oldest girl who loooonged for an older sister and found refuge in more than just a few fine female cousins of mine that I conspicuously watch, question, and sometimes torment for answers to life... to follow footsteps in ;) and friend.

Sarah and I have some very special bonds: we both love the arts, musical theater, singing, Audrey Hepburn, simple particularities, our daddys whom are brothers, and we both love both our immediate and extended families fiercely.  Little known fact about Sarah to her blogging world: she graduated college with an MDT degree - Music, Dance, Theater degree that is, and is one amazing performer! And yes I would know!

Please, please, PLEASE for the sake your own happiness, check out her regularly updated blog -I promise you won't regret it- filled with motherly love and sweet vintage children designs oh and be sure to check out her Etsy shop too! You can buy her fantastic prints there! Oooo and she has these irresistible Paper Dolls and embroidery patterns too, be sure to search out her blog for a couple of print out freebies... ;) wow I'm shamelessly showing her off now aren't I? Believe me - she's worth it!

Studio 5 link here.

p.s. I've been meaning to feature her on my lil' blog here for so long! This post is wayyyy over due!


Rachel Steele Fighting Cancer On KSL TV!

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Remember how I have been posting about our 16 year old friend Rachel Steele, herehere, and here. Well now she's on TV!  Last night her local news station featured her and her story! 

Maybe YOU can host a bake sale for Rachel?
Click on the link below for more information, while you're there why not sign up as a follower, grab the button and spread the word!

It would mean a lot.

Read about Rachel's now famous "Steele Strong" Blog click below:


Read, Read, Read

I am currently reading these books...

"Your time is precious. Mothers have to budget time more carefully than members of almost any other profession."
by Glenn & Janet Doman, I like how these two think, ;) they totally get it!
 A couple of some ones out there gets it!  

That is the sound of my mind as I read these books about how to feed your toddler, or tantrum guidance, learning activities, and so on. They help me feel like I'm not alone in this new little life that we've created. Books are great like that.

Blogs are too! ;) ;)


Steele Strong Bake Sale

Yes I have been neglecting my blog but for a very good reason...


One of my very best friend's little sister (Rachel) is 16, and after just one week of having a 'headache' discovered that she has AML Leukemia. 

She was a volleyball star - her club team was on their way to NATIONALS - she had colleges looking at her and everything! Her team has really shown support through their games by wearing her favorite color - orange) and just being incredible friends!  You can read more about Rachel's story and her progress through her regularly updated blog:


I actually met my husband on their doorstep! So needless to say they mean an awful lot to our family. My mother-in-law and I have been working together to create a vehicle to raise money for the Steele family.

This was definitely her idea to create a Nation Wide Bake Sale, I just helped her with designing the blog, header, button, pictures, layout, etc...ya know the stuff I do! ;)  So check out the Steele Strong Bake Sale blog, and look within yourself to see if you could donate a little time or a small donation for a BAKE SALE!


Also, here is a FREE ADVERTISING opportunity... 

Here's our adorable button above, when you click on it, it will take your web browser back to the Steele Strong Bake Sale blog!

Please link the Steele Strong Bake Sale BUTTON to your site! Then email YOUR BUTTON to: steelestrongbakesale [at] gmail [dot] com OR leave me a comment here letting me know you did it, and I'll take your button and put it in on our SPONSORS LIST!!  Doesn't get any easier than that!
(Need a button? I can make you one for a small fee! Email me: CassandraLaineBlog [at] gmail [dot] com for more info! I'm working on getting a 'shop' up soon!) 
All you need to do is add a "widget" if you're using blogger and copy and paste the html code below into an "HTML/JavaScript" gadget. For Wordpress use a "text/html" widget!

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about how to do this!


Dear Crocs,

I don't care what they say about you, 
you complete me.
I am a fan of Croc comfort. 
I have a history with Crocs.
I bought my first pair of Crocs just days before my study abroad trip to Europe. [As a suggestion from my Euro-savvy cousins (Robbie and Andy one of which just recently got hitched over the weekend! Congrats!! Wish I was there!)]
And Fell In Love.
These shoes are seriously perfect for any walking adventure.
Especially if you're planning a trip to DISNEY WORLD - no seriously any Croc would do, I promise you won't ever regret buying a pair of these before you head over here!

Maybe you can get these particular pairs on sale with free shipping, and you could click here to see how if ya want.
PLUS its buy one get one 50% off right now!
...and I really want to see about an investment in kids crocs although they'd only be good for a few months!
Maybe this post should have been, "Dear Santa" ;) ;)
I'm really liking this one too...and oh look they're also on sale...;) ;)
pink or black?



Click here for more information.

Two months ago a dear young friend of ours discovered that she has Leukemia. Her name is Rachel Steele, she was a high school student getting ready for a NATIONAL Volleyball tournament when she found out. Ya she's that good.  Read an article about her story by the United States Olympic Committee USA Volleyball site here.

Read her blog here
Leave lots and lots of lovely comments she's a "social animal" as her dad would say.
Tell her Cassie sent you! ;)
Also, my mother-in-law has started a way to help Rachel out go here.


"Please stand clear of the doors...Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas."

Why we love the Monorail:

Its free
Peaceful during the middle of the day
Can put my baby (okay toddler) to sleep
Awesome views and
People say the darndest things in there, its fun to pretend that we're one of the fellow "vacationers" and have them 'tell us' what to do at Disney, like where the best deals are, rides, and restaurants...silly people little do they know... ;)

Oh and best of all this:
 "Please stand clear of the doors...Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas."
and maybe Jacob always says that last part with his most cheesy Spanish accent possible...maybe.