Mickey Mouse shaped eggs anyone?

 We made a pretty healthy breakfast complete with Mickey Mouse Shaped Eggs!  Our like one little splurge purchase while we're here ;) oh and well an ice tray that we'll get to later...

Special days off.  Special moments. laughing. dancing. and trying out new kitchen toys. What a fun day. Seriously we were like, "Wow if $3.50 could buy us this much happiness we should splurge a little more often," ...or maybe not right now... ;) let's maybe wait till we're in a more permanent place.  Such fun conversations.

OH and YES those are onions mixed in with the spinach thank you very much!  He loved them!  Ate 'em all up!  

(Jacob doesn't like onions for those of you that don't know - but these were dehydrated ones and he totally enjoys them! weird.)
photo taken by me with our little casio point-n-shoot.

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