Recipes like this make me want to become a Vegetarian...

Vegetarian Samosas

Recipe & Photo found here.

OK so... I'm flirting with the idea of  eating less meat. 

Partly because of documentaries like Food Inc. and well all the hype about antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and what today's livestock animals are put through to get to my shopping cart and onto the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. PHEW!

I've already cut back a TON and it feels...well...right.

...what do you think?

Any good recipe ideas? Links? Sites? Words of encouragement?


  1. I love a good steak! I love beef tacos! I love chicken! I love turkey! Other then that maybe I could be a vegetarian

  2. Good for you Cassie! I've always thought I should be a vegetarian because the only meat I like is a good cheeseburger.

  3. Encouragement - yes! We are eating less meat too and yes, it just feels right. I'm experimenting with cooking more fish these days. Let me know if you find any great recipes!

  4. Totally watched it and LOVED IT. We did the same thing and have really got on a roll! I've posted a BUNCH of recipes on my blog in Feb & March this year. Take a look if you'd like!! :)