Currently loving MIKA, OWL CITY, & UTAH!


I'm in Utah! We are loving it here (me and the B - Dada's workin' perks of being a SAHM). So much love here! B totally adjusted to our fam and is LOVING the fact that she can run around a three story house!! Compared to our lil' place this is like Disney World! hehehe...

I love the dry weather, the cool nights, the SOFT grass, the clean air, pleasant neighbors, and just so many people that I know and love and that know and love me (and of course the B)back!

Music love:
I've just recently fallen in love with MIKA! His dance moves are inspiring ;) hehe. LOVE Kate Nash, especially Merry Happy. Here's some Owl City love:


  1. Top Ten Things You Should Know:
    1. You picked up two new fans tonight. Well, maybe not so new. I mean, we did think you were awfully adorable as a little girl, but now that you're grown? Fabulous! Great! Five stars!
    2. I'm your newest blog stalker.
    3. But I'm not dangerous.
    4. If you happen to visit MY blog, you might experience eye strain. I should have warned you that it gets a little wordy. Okay, a lot wordy. Don't feel obligated to read all those words if you do stop in.
    5. Yay for this Owl City song.
    6. If you weren't already spoken for maybe we'd try to adopt YOU.
    7. Not that we're THAT old. (Close enough.)
    8. We hope to see you when you're in Utah again.
    9. Honestly, you are wonderful. It's obvious.
    9. xo

  2. We were just in Utah!!! Dah!!! Ok, so I love Fireflies and have it on the blog...it was playing a few weeks ago and when it was over, Zach (who was playing in the room and I thought wasn't paying attention) came over and said 'earth turns slowly again mom!' So I turned it on again. I bought it on iTunes with the music video so he watched it and LOVED all the toys on it :) Great song!

  3. I love that sweet little place you live!

  4. Cassie, I love your lil' place!!
    It is such a sweet apartment, small maybe but it sure feels like home!
    Kiss Sweet B for me!