Happy Pioneer Day & Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!

(Check out this wooden brooch by Me2Designs)

So it was Pioneer Day and.... nobody cared?!? Where do I live people!?!?

Even my sister who works for the state of Utah got this day off as a State holiday (well Friday because it was on a Saturday but even still)!! I guess that's exactly why it makes sense that no one else would really know about it!

Pioneer Day is a special day for Utahns, it is the day when Brigham Young, who led the Mormon Pioneers across the plains looked over the Salt Lake valley and said the famous words, "This is the Place."  Making it the first day of settlement in Utah, July 24, 1896.  How do you people not know this?? ;)

We also get school off if our schools happened to be year round (which mine were growing up for part of elementary), and the banks are closed!  Man I'm gonna miss this day...

ALSO, it is my big brother's BIRTHDAY TODAY!! Naturally we went to Disney World and celebrated for him, and ordered this special birthday pin to be made by the customer service desk (aka free) and sent him this wonderfully manicured nail shot to him via picture mail (through our phone)... aren't we thoughtful?


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