Incredibly Inspired Imaginative Mum on Maternity Leave

Go here for the few pictures left. The mum decided to keep her pictures private because of misusers and for a book!

I completely understand her woes and that is why I removed the pictures as I did not ask for permission, she stated that its "okay" for lil' blogs like mine to post 1-4 pics with recognition (which I did, but did not have written permission from her) but she really didn't want that either. SO I have taken them off and respect her wishes.

Also I hope that those of you reading this will also respect my wishes in keeping my daughter's identity safe and our pictures too.

Thank you!



The mother of this child is on maternity leave and this is what she does while her baby sleeps. 

I. am. so. doing. this. someday.

Its like the ultimate little girls'/new mommy's dress up dream!

Props to this fabulous mom for pulling off such an incredible feat!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I loved this post!!! You should send this to all your young mom friends and cousins. You should all relate to the down time you have when your sweet angels are taking their naps or down for the night. So sweet. I would love to print these and then put them in cute 7 x 7 size frames. Imagine if you could use your baby as a model!
    Love, Mom