She screamed like a banshee today.

My ears were seriously ringing. in the car. in her room. in the kitchen. everywhere. when daddy came home they started their ritual dances in the kitchen with me and i just couldn't take it any longer - i sent them out of our 3x5 foot kitchen and made them go play in the living room so i could finish dinner! Also because i needed to sneak in a bunch of health pureed vegetables and beans without my hubby seeing...;) he liked it!!!!!! He just doesn't need to know what's inside his food heheheeeee. i've learned the hard way. believe me!

On a happier note...this lil' girl of mine is going to be one heck of a SINGER!!! Also, I have a bday boy to blog about but we'll just have to wait for a calmer, quieter few days for that one!

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