My INCREDIBLE Cousin Sarah Jane also recently on TV!

Sarah Jane Wright of Sarah Jane Studios is my dear cousin, and is an amazing Stay-at-Home Mom who is living her creative dreams one day at a time. With creating her own line of style "illustrating childhood", illustrating for celebrities, and now coming out with her very own Christmas book soon, I have many reasons to have looked up to her - like she was my older sister, as I am the oldest girl who loooonged for an older sister and found refuge in more than just a few fine female cousins of mine that I conspicuously watch, question, and sometimes torment for answers to life... to follow footsteps in ;) and friend.

Sarah and I have some very special bonds: we both love the arts, musical theater, singing, Audrey Hepburn, simple particularities, our daddys whom are brothers, and we both love both our immediate and extended families fiercely.  Little known fact about Sarah to her blogging world: she graduated college with an MDT degree - Music, Dance, Theater degree that is, and is one amazing performer! And yes I would know!

Please, please, PLEASE for the sake your own happiness, check out her regularly updated blog -I promise you won't regret it- filled with motherly love and sweet vintage children designs oh and be sure to check out her Etsy shop too! You can buy her fantastic prints there! Oooo and she has these irresistible Paper Dolls and embroidery patterns too, be sure to search out her blog for a couple of print out freebies... ;) wow I'm shamelessly showing her off now aren't I? Believe me - she's worth it!

Studio 5 link here.

p.s. I've been meaning to feature her on my lil' blog here for so long! This post is wayyyy over due!


  1. You can link it to my sad little craft blog that I have yet to get going.
    Once I pick it up a little, I would love for you to make me a button. Do you know your prices yet?

  2. Kamee: email me what you are interested in and we'll figure something amazing out! I became a follower!! Your lil' ghosts are adorable!! I just might need to feature them this Halloween...;)

    email me here: cassandralaineblog@gmail.com

  3. Newbies: Me too!!! Isn't she amazing?! So unique too, she jumped into the vintage wave way earlier than most!