Brooklyn's Preschool Graduation

Our little graduate! Putting on her shy smile. She told me to use more smiley pictures but I had to tell her that she didn't make too many really big smiles in her performances (they sang all their learned songs in review), and in asking her why, "I didn't know there would be so many people there." Sweet sweet girl.

Sissy Love!!! Jane can always make her smile! She often frequented her sister's preschool and loved every minute of it. She was such a great sport about not "going to school yet". Even though every time we walked by the "Two-year old's potty training room," B would remind me and announce to Jane that, "THAT would be Jane's classroom." With mommy calmly reminding them that I didn't want someone else to potty train my babies or be with them all day, that I wanted to do those things! They seemed to like that answer, but always had to have me say it for a good measure and for a while there as we walked by it twice a day... actually four times...;)

Also the teacher picture is of B showing us what she wants to be when she grows up, "A teacher, because then I will be in charge." Also she states this fact as her other equal desire and goal to be a mommy, "Because then I will be in charge." The other day she actually asked me, "Mommy, how many more days until I am in charge? Like 100? 300? Like when I'm in college?" Oh me oh my sweet baby girl! You were the right child to come first! 

My baby! It was like seeing the future for her high school and college graduations... it really made us think. So many great days behind us, and so many more just ahead...

Her biggest fans on the fourth row (there were only four rows - we were actually quite early but silly mommy forgot that this is a formal event and did not put B in a dress, B noticed this quickly and by golly we bought that girl a dress and made it back in time - seriously a record of 22 min *Thank you Target for having the perfect pink dress* - thus the back row, to her daddy's dismay, but he was able to stand up for great pics and videos). 

Plus the ONLY family picture we took! Oh well can't get them all... (to look at the camera and smile....:) )

Mommy's proud new family tradition that daddy made possible. 
(Here's that Target pink dress I mentioned earlier. I tried to modify her 1st day of school's outfit to fit her but it just wasn't working! She's grown so much!)

We had such a great year with lots of learning and discovering of new skills and talents. Making many many new friends for Brooklyn, Janers, and mommy! 

We are now SUPER excited to NOT be driving to school every day! Yay!

(Our first "real" summer break! Growing up way too fast...)

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