I'm in love with this movie.

Why? I'm not sure, but it is definitely a favorite!

I also recently watched the A&E version and its good too, but not as beautifully orchestrated as the newer version.  Its fun to see how different people interpret and play different characters, kinda like a play... maybe that's why I like it...?

p.s. can't figure out which movie I'm talking about? Look here.  oh and the picture is from here, nice high resolution shots.


  1. I do to! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. I love it too...however, I am partial to the A&E version. Blame it on the fact that I grew up on that older version and it stuck with me! lol :) I do like the other version though too!

  3. See, I grew up watching the A&E version, so I'm in love with that one! But I like Lizzy and Jane's mother's character better in the Kiera Knightley version. Plus Kiera Knightley is way talented and beautiful!
    I agree! Wonderful movie!

  4. I think that's so interesting how that works, with the A&E version. Its kinda like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the two different versions there. :) Thanks for your comments!!

  5. I love this movie. One of my top 10 for sure. It made me want to read the book. And when I did- I felt as though the movie had captured it perfectly. (Love you, Cass! Long time no see.)