Walt Disney World Secret #72

Jacob and I went on a date tonight for like the first time in a long time - it was so nice we went to a place called DISNEY QUEST... we made songs, played virtual reality games, designed a roller coaster to ride, and just so many other things! A couple of the rides made us queasy especially me, but over all it was a GREAT DATE!

We did however decide that this place was definitely for the young at heart and for young boys like under ten. It was a video arcade pushed to the limits, and was completely over the top cool with new inventions and ideas of design. We met some really great people while in line from all over the world. Most of them were dads with their young sons spending one-on-one times together. I think that if you are looking for ways to get your pre-teens and young ones to have some bonding time, this is definitely a place where YOU will become the COOLEST PARENTS if you brought your kids there. Also, you would be the coolest date too! Lots of fun to be had here!

p.s. picture of my handsome husband in the car at the parking lot in Downtown Disney where Disney Quest is located. It cost extra to go to Disney Quest, but parking is free! It's an all day pass and five floors of extra gaming fun!


I forgot my MOMMY NOTES: There are unfortunately NO STROLLERS allowed in Disney Quest, so our little one had to play with friends instead. There are however games to play for little ones in a designated area that is nice! It is fairly dark inside, and many rides might be too scary for youngsters. There are also many height limitations for the more instance rides as well.

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