Strawberry Search

So maybe I am working on a design project and needed to look up the word "strawberries"... maybe this little beauty found here showed up whilst searching ;).

Maybe I want felt-plush-make-believe-food toys for my little one and its becoming more and more aware to myself that I need to maybe jump on this bandwagon and maybe even make some myself.



  1. This is the cutest thing I've seen in a while! You have great taste, Cassie :)

  2. homemadebyjill.com she has a bunch she has done...I haven't gotten the energy to make them (my list of other things is too long!) but they are ADORABLE! I even saw some on etsy that were fancy French pastries and other dishes...SO cute!

  3. LOL "taste" heehee Thanks you two! I'm excited to find more!

  4. Ooh... I went to Korea last summer, and it's like one of the biggest things in Korea to make felt toy for your kids. I bought this cutest book. I started making a quite book (this one's a block instead), and I stopped after the second side. lol. But if you're into ice cream, I found these on a Korean blog.

    Ice cream

    Fruit basket

    I gotta start back on my project.... lol.