Willaby Wallaby Wassy, an elephant sat on Cassie

April Fools!
(hey I'm a mommy, my jokes are much sillier now...)

Okay so not really, BUT there is a Wallaby loose in Windermere, FL ! (a nearby town of Orlando and also the home of Tiger Woods...well his wife's home now...anyways...)!  Click here for full the story.
My hubby sent me an email with the said title and it made me laugh because of the RAFFI music we use to calm our tiny toddler in the car ;).  If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't feel bad, I didn't grow up with RAFFI either; but my husband did and his mom shared the love with us! Go here for our favorite RAFFI CD.

Wallaby pic found here. Elephant pic here. And Raffi pic here.

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  1. Oh i love Raffi! I am glad My sweet grandbaby loves it too!