Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 2010: Part 1

We will definitely miss you!!!
This beautiful time ended on Sunday, but will be back next year with new incredible ideas.

How lucky are we to have had my parents, sister, and two very best friends with their baby all come during this beautiful time of year for Epcot!? Very.

I absolutely LOVED their logo and overall design for the Festival this year: 
(Sounds like "Into the Woods"... "We're going to go to the Festival. The Festival? The Festival!")

The layered-transparent letters with organic shapes and garden-like coloration made for one TERRIFIC logo design.

This is the Festival's program filled with all of the dates and events being held throughout spring, including musical concerts, maps, free gardening seminars and classes, and much more! For the complete front and back program click here (there are 2 pages so scroll around till you find both sides).

I am working on some very fun shots of what was in store for us this year at the Festival so consider this post a little teaser... because there's more!

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