Talking Mickey Mouse at Disneyland!

Um...WOW!  This is amazing!  The technology is truly incredible, Walt must be smiling ear to ear on this one. wow.

Now when will Disney WORLD get this...?

*Spoiler Alert - Not for the innocent Disney eyes*

Although I have seen the moving mouth and eyes trick used during stage performances with pre-recorded music, I've never seen this - so interactive and dare I say...REAL?  Its like the Turtle Talk with Crush show but a real big touchable MICKEY TALKING? Incredible.

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  1. Whooooaa. I guess it was only a matter of time, right?

    *And another spoiler alert* As a previous 'friend of Pooh,' this would have meant a lot more pressure on and a lot more training. Really makes you think of all those sad little faces looking up at you and asking, "Why don't you talk?"