lil' b and her monkey.

This is Disney World's Epcot Park during the Flower Festival, but more to come about that later... let's talk about the monkey.

Yes we use a monkey leash for our child... no I never thought I would ever use such a thing; but it has become a special little part of our frequent Disney World walks.  

How else would one keep track of their curious monkey-like toddler with 52,000 other aimlessly walking people around you?  

I'd like to hear from the people who've done it!  

Besides...she LOVES her "oo-oo" (think monkey sounds).  From the moment I brought it home and out of the bag she's love love LOVED it!  She actually wants to wear it - I think it makes her feel safe.  

So cute: when we ask her to "give us five" she "gives him five" and hits his little monkey hand on the straps - priceless (well $9 at Walmart - but so adorable, affordable, and safe).

Thank you to my local friend Orn who recommended it!
Its the BEST!


  1. Ahhh that is so cute! Haha I love it!!

  2. love it! Katherine has the Lion version and she also loves wearing it!