Dear Crocs,

I don't care what they say about you, 
you complete me.
I am a fan of Croc comfort. 
I have a history with Crocs.
I bought my first pair of Crocs just days before my study abroad trip to Europe. [As a suggestion from my Euro-savvy cousins (Robbie and Andy one of which just recently got hitched over the weekend! Congrats!! Wish I was there!)]
And Fell In Love.
These shoes are seriously perfect for any walking adventure.
Especially if you're planning a trip to DISNEY WORLD - no seriously any Croc would do, I promise you won't ever regret buying a pair of these before you head over here!

Maybe you can get these particular pairs on sale with free shipping, and you could click here to see how if ya want.
PLUS its buy one get one 50% off right now!
...and I really want to see about an investment in kids crocs although they'd only be good for a few months!
Maybe this post should have been, "Dear Santa" ;) ;)
I'm really liking this one too...and oh look they're also on sale...;) ;)
pink or black?


  1. You don't even have to break them in, they are a perfect last minute, ready to go, kind of shoe!

  2. Cassie, this is Lindsay from the most Magical Kingdom on Earth! I am just catching up with your blog after a long hiatus, so this comment is a little late, BUT I am also obsessed with Crocs and I have multiple stylish pairs that I wear to work. And the pair that you have pictured - I have that pair in celery green - they were the final addition to my Tinker Bell Halloween costume a few years back. But with white poof balls attached, of course. Yay Crocs love!